Mens “Badge Of Honor” 100% Organic Cotton – Water Based Ink

“Badge Of Honor” Men’s Vegan T-Shirt

This is an awesome design with a powerful message! Our shirts are made from 100% Organic Cotton. We also use earth friendly water based inks that do not leave harmful chemicals behind when your shirt has reached the end of it’s life. ¬†You will love how soft the cotton is and how well our clothing is made, right here in California. Help spread the word and plant the seed of change with us. We hope you love our clothing as much as you “Love To Be Vegan“.

Badge Of Honor - Vegan T-Shirt

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Conventional farming of cotton is responsible for 25% of global insecticide use, and over 10% of global pesticide use. Five of the top nine pesticides used on cotton in the U.S are known carcinogens. We’re part of the solution, bringing organic cotton apparel into the mainstream.

Traditional screen printing inks contain toxic chemicals that are unhealthy for you and the planet. We use inks that are free from toxic chemicals like PVC, Phalate, and heavy metals. When your organic T-shirt finally wears out, the ink will compost safely into the dirt.

Our shirt manufacturer cleans their screens and squeegees with safe, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning agents. The screen reclamation process utilizes heavily diluted acid, “haze remover”, and a biodegradable degreasing agent that meet strict California environmental safety codes.

Shirt Colors – Pacific Blue, Gunpowder, and Fire Dept. Blue

Men’s Vegan T-Shirt

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