Love To Be Vegan

Love To Be Vegan, Inc is a vegan owned business dedicated to grow the vegan message across this beautiful planet, one shirt at a time. It feels great to plant the seed of change with each glance at your new shirt. We feel the more people see others proudly wearing clothing with a vegan message on it, the more they will accept that there is a change happening. One day they may “Love To Be Vegan” too.

Our shirts are made of 100% organic cotton grown in California. Organic cotton is very important to us at Love To Be Vegan, conventional farming of cotton is responsible for 25% of global insecticide use, and over 10% of global pesticide use. Five of the top nine pesticides used on cotton in the U.S are known carcinogens. We’re part of the solution, bringing organic cotton apparel into the mainstream.

Our shirts are also made using water based ink that is 100% compostable. Traditional screen printing inks contain toxic chemicals that are unhealthy for you and the planet. We use inks that are free from toxic chemicals like PVC, Phalate, and heavy metals. When your organic T-shirt finally wears out, the ink will compost safely into the dirt.

Thank you for being Vegan! Together we can make a beautiful change and add wonderful meaning to this amazing world that sometimes seems sadly lost. We all Love To Be Vegan!

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